Organizerʼs introduction

Nepal Film & Cultural Academy (NFCA) is a non-profit & a non- government organization established in August 2017 with the aim of promoting the film culture in Nepal. NFCA’s main objective is to explore the cultures and traditions from all over the world and present it to a global audience. NFCA also aims to establish itself as a laboratory, an educational as well as experimental platform for the study, research and practice of films and filmmaking. As a Nepalese institution, NFCA also hopes to play a big role in the development of film and film culture in the struggling Nepalese film industry.

The institution has been duly registered at NG, Chief District Officer’s Office, Kathmandu, Nepal under the prevailing laws of the land. Any person associated to Nepali film industry is eligible to obtain the membership of the association in accordance with its constitution.


Nepal Film & Cultural Academy (NFCA) has the following objectives:

  1. To develop Nepal as a hub for film making and experiments
  2. To establish films as intellectual as well as commercial properties
  3. To explore the Nepalese youth potential in film making, endorsing and facilitating youth films
  4. To establish a regular international film festival in Nepal, as a means of creating a film culture in the country, and also as a means of exposing Nepal to the global film fraternity
  5. To conduct regular film workshops, debates and interactive sessions on the national as well as the international level, as a means of encouraging a higher production, especially of creative and intellectual films, and to bring Nepalese films on the international platform
  6. To establish itself as a research center for films, to host intellectuals, artists and film activists, and to advise and help the concerned film authorities in formulating an efficient set of moral and policies for the industry
  7. To help and facilitate productions of various society-based informative documentaries, feature films, dramas and advertisements
  8. To act as one of the major agencies in promoting the Nepalese culture & tradition and showing it to a global audience
  9. To conduct various films and events in Nepal showcasing foreign films and culture for the Nepalese audience
  10. To conduct various international trainings, workshops and seminars to hone the knowledge and skill of Nepalese film makers

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