Nepal Film & Cultural Academy (NFCA), a non-profit organization working in the area of film and culture development and promotion, has announced the 1st iteration of its’ Screenwriting Workshop 2019, a comprehensive 7-day workshop on film writing, that will be hosted outside the modern confines of Kathmandu, in the village and semi-urban areas of Makwanpur District of Nepal.


With the Screenwriting Workshop 2019, NFCA aims to bring together Nepali film directors and writers together at a forum to exchange ideas and concepts. The objective of the workshop is also to develop Nepali writers’ and storytellers to hone their skills in the areas of script and screenplay writing, and make them competitive players in not only the domestic film and media industry, but also in the global competitive market.

The Workshop

The workshop will be a 7-day program, in the 3rd week of August 2019, and will be a closed-camp program. Film professionals and creatives will spend the entirety of the time in various villages and semi-urban areas of Makwanpur district like Kunchhal, Markhu and Chitlang, and will be tutored by experienced and veteran writers and film makers from the Nepali film industry, who will share their experiences and help the participants hone their skills.

Furthermore, the program will also have carefully selected and renowned foreign film makers and experts who will also tutor the participants and share what it means to compete in the global film market.

The participants will be enrolled on first come first serve basis, and will not involve more than 60 people. The participants will also be encouraged to create their own stories / screenplays at the workshop, and to submit their works within 2 weeks of the workshop. NFCA will select the best stories, fund the production of the top story, involve it in NIFF 2020 events and international film festivals worldwide.


The workshop will have both national and foreign writers and experts as resource persons and mentors. Mentors joining us from outside Nepal are:

  1. Mr. Robin Bhatt (IMDb:
  2. Mr. Jeff Monahan (IMDb:

The workshop will be moderated by rising Nepali screenwriter Ms. Sampada Malla (IMDb:


Call for participants will be published as early as 15th June 2019, and final deadline for participation will be on 15th July 2019. The workshop will be held in the 21-27 of August 2019.


NFCA has come up with the following preliminary itinerary / schedule for the workshop:

21st August 2019: Drive 3 hours to Makwanpur, after lunch attend the inauguration ceremony in the afternoon and keynote speeches by delegates and authorities, opening session of the workshop

22nd – 26th August 2019: Mentorship sessions, lectures, writing classes and idea incubation

27th August 2019: Closing session of the workshop, Conclusion and closing ceremony, drive back to Kathmandu

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